June 09, 2008

Making Bread with a natural starter

It is finally done. I have been working on this for about 5 days. People ask me, all the time, about making bread and using natural starters. I have gone ahead and made a video about it. I will be uploading the video to youtube, and here on my blog I will have the slides you can go through at your own pace here. I recommend viewing the slides in a slide show or on the carousel so you can follow while you bake. In addition you can down load the slides, printing them off and following through.

This recipe is based on a natural starter that I created with the help of a great book "The Bread Builders" which I highly recommend to anyone that loves bread.

If you would like some of my starter let me know. If I know you, I will drop some by, if I don't you can buy a jar of it from me for $10 and the shipping cost if I have to ship it. I hope you enjoy the Bread.

Making Bread from William Bayne on Vimeo.

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