June 10, 2008

Kaden's First Fencing Tournament

Kaden had a fencing tournament this Saturday, his first.  I was a little nervous because he is pretty young in his class and I had no idea what the tournament would be like.  Once we got there and got registered, I realized that he would be fencing all of the fencers who fence with a foil.  Yes, that is correct, all age groups.  He was a little nervous about this, but ended doing great and having a good time.  

I really appreciate the camaraderie of the fencing club.  There is one boy named Dillion who assists during Kaden's class.  He seems very good, but I really have no idea.  Anyway, once Kaden learned that he would be fencing Dillion, he was a little nervous.  From his perspective that is the same as fencing your teacher, a little intimidating.  Dillion, was great and helpful and helped Kaden score some points and encouraged him.  I was tremendously grateful and thankful that there are still genuinely good people in this world that help others out of the goodness of their heart.

Click here to view a gallery of Kaden's match with Dillion.  


  1. Way to go Kaden! He is brave. Thanks for the pictures. I loved the post about your Daddy-Daughter campout! Take care!



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