June 03, 2008

Book Review, "The Great Divorce".

Here is a quick book review for the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. I loved it!! What a great book. Often you hear General authorities quote from Lewis, but until I read the entire Narnia series, and The Great Divorce, I never appreciated why.

The book begins at a bus station, which you later learn is a bus station in Hell, and people board the bus bound for heaven. However, once arriving in Heaven you come to find out that people are still people, that in fact, the nature which they left this earth with, whether good or bad, is the nature they take with them after death. The main character takes you on a journey watching other spirits come to grips with this reality and whether they choose to remain in Heaven, become resurrected and further their progression, or chose to not relinquish their natural man and willingly return to Hell.

The insight and parallels to our religion are simply amazing. I shy away from calling the book doctrinal but definitely feel Lewis was inspired with insights far beyond the grasps of the layman christian.

I highly recommend the book as well as all of the Narnia Books. Taken as a whole, they have great insights into eternal progression and to a large degree helped me understand the potential realistic workings of God.

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  1. Billy,
    Jeff L. here - saw you at the baptism and Missy told me about everyone's blog. Had to comment on Lewis. As much as I liked the Great Divorce and the Narnia books, The Screwtape Letters and The Problem of Pain are awesome. I think one of the GAs talked one time about Lewis and suggested that the lord needs men of his caliber on the outside of the church as well as inside.


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