March 28, 2008

Historical fishing event

I will start by saying I'm 32 years old and have never caught a fish. I'm not sure if I ever even got a nibble from a fish. I've gone fishing countless times in both fresh water and salt and simply never caught anything. I was, until today, fairly certain that I was cursed not to be able to catch a fish and frankly felt I was so bad at fishing, that my children were doomed as well to never catch a fish.

However, when I married Garaghty and met her family, it came to my attention that my father in law was an avid fisherman and also wrote about fishing for Western Outdoor News, so according to him and my wife my children were certain to become fisherman. I scoffed at such lunacy and chalked it up to the fact that my wife simply had never been fishing with me, thus not realizing her error. She had never seen the time I went on a fishing trip in Mexico and literally watched while everyone on the fishing boat pulled in dorado after dorado while I sat there for 6 hours and did not get a nibble. Or the time, in order to try to break the curse, my father took us to a fish farm in Lake Tahoe to catch a trout and while everyone was throwing un-bated hooks into the water and pulling out trout like it was a carnival game, I was unable to catch a trout with a bated hook or an unbated hook.

So when my father in law wrote an article about a year and a half ago about his desire to have his grand children become fishers and help me catch a fish I nodded my head in polite acknowledgment, but truly never thought his skills as a fisherman could transfer to myself or the kids. To be honest I was a little worried that if we went fishing with him the curse may somehow rub off on him and jeopardize his livelihood.

This weekend he came into town for a fishing tournament and more importantly, to officially break the curse. Apparently, when he wrote the article a year and a half ago a local fishing guide read it and agreed to help him, help me, overcome my lack of fishing ability. So yesterday at 4:50 am we left for the lake with Kaden and Kaya.

I'm happy to announce the curse is officially lifted. I caught my first fish, a striped bass. I caught it casting. I, obviously, never thought fishing was very fun, but after yesterday my mind is changed. I had a great time and my children apparently have a little more Kramer blood than I thought because they caught fish after fish. We caught a total of about 20 striped bass in the space of about 2 hours. I'm going to include a few pictures of the kids. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my first fish because, well I was fishing and not manning the camera but my father in law got a shot or two so I will get them from him. Enjoy the pics and I will probably go fishing again some time.

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