April 13, 2021

EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: Bacon and Hot Dog Prices Are About to Spike, Experts Say

I agree the supply chain is stressed. I call BS on the reason being people are cooking more at home. Restaurants use a tremendous amount of product and sales across the board have been down 30%. So home cooks are not "out cooking" depressed restaurants. What's more likely is that suppliers curtailed inventories in response to waning restaurant demand and now restaurants are moving to bump up demand because of reopening and there is a squeeze in the supply chain. Real question is are producers willing to step up and risk producing given unknowns that still exist? And how fast can producers ramp up given meat and dairy require raising animals that take time to be brought to market? 

I suspect we will have a supply squeeze for a while unless Covid begins to really fade away, and even then I think you are behind a 6-9 month animal product to market squeeze. 

Bacon and Hot Dog Prices Are About to Spike, Experts Say
More than a year has passed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but grocery shoppers continue to be impacted by shortages of household staples. And the latest supply chain disruption may throw a wrench in your plans for barbecues and other outdoor gatherings this summer. That's because two seasonal staples—hot dogs and bacon—are going to be more expensive this year, according to experts.

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